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I left it too late...

Smash That Computer
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Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I started selling used computer parts on the internet. The latest case in point was when, many months ago, I began to test ana load of RAM in order to get it ready for sale.
I laboriously put each stick into my test machine and used Memtest to see if it was fit for resale. I stored them carefully in sets and.....well....sort of left them there.
Oh, I sold a few. But left most of them where I had stored them because I had other things to do. Just a couple of weeks ago I brought them out, listed them online and waited for my sales to roll in. Except they didn't.
The RAM was older DDR2 and the computer world had moved on to DDR3 and DDR4. Nobody wanted it at the price I wanted to sell it at.

My learning from all this is that when I have a product to sell, I need to just "bite the bullet" and get it listed, before it loses it's value. I will still get something for that older RAM, as there are plenty of people who will want it to get their older systems as fast as possible. Just not what I would have got if I had sold it straight away.

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