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Laptop project...stalled!

Smash That Computer
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Well, the laptop build has stalled. All seemed to go well until I found a non-working trackpad, but I plugged in an Apple Mouse and started to sort out an OS install.

I have a lot of old Apple HDD's that have an OS or a restore partition on them. Surely it would be a simple matter to get one of these to run through the process and get a new OS loaded. Nope.

My first try loading a new version of Yosemite ended up failing becuse some part of the package did not unzip properly. Not the first, or second or third time.

I switched HDD's and looked for another restore partition. 35 HDD's (or thereabouts) I had no luck in finding one! I even found one with Windows 10 on it and it started to load and update...for a couple of minutes anyway.

So, the process is on hold until I find my Lion install USB stick. It's stored away somewhere safe.

Yeah, right.

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