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Getting Back To It again

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Where has the time gone? It can't be a month since I last posted here, surely? I guess it can....but now it's time to get back to it again.
Of course, all my stuff is still all packed away after house renovations. In boxes, cupboards, in storage under the house. I can't really get to it yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks.
At this stage, all I can do is plan. Oh, I have a Haswell motherboard to test out. I got that from the recycler. No CPU though. Darn.
I have a website to update. Yes, this one, but also a new one that I am working on. It's a fan site for the band Robert Vaughn and the Shadows. Who, you ask? And that's the issue. A band that should have been world famous. Well, COULD have been I guess. In my opinion, their music is worth bringing to the attention of others, so that's why I am setting up the website!

That's been an interesting process. I am in contact with an ex producer of the band. He has given me permission to use some of his video material. The former lead guitarist is now my Facebook friend. he is putting together his memories of the band and coming up with some photos. I don't have this material yet, so am sort of playing around with layout ideas before I get most of the content. Actually, that's a bit frustrating but it's all I can do right now.

In fact, it's a bit like what I am having to do with this website. Never mind, at least I am getting back to it again...

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