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New Software trials...

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I splashed out on the latest version of Website X5 Version 13. There are so many more customisation options available with the new version and I have barely started the changes in the site as a result.
There have also been a few teething problems to sort out. Much of the site layout was changed when I upgraded and not always to my liking. I had to redo some of the home page. It has allowed me to add a new section called "The Project" which is not yet completed but I have uploaded it to show you the progress. The other issue was that it didn't save my uploader password and I had to run through and reset this. I also adjusted the Windows Firewall settings to include the new version.
This is 64 bit software and so far there has been a noticeable speed improvement in some areas (not in the upload time - that actually lengthened). I will keep you up to date with any other problems when I encounter them.

So far, so good...

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