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Writer's Block

Smash That Computer
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It's a funny thing, when you can't think of something to write in a blog, so you write about that in your blog...
I am 3 weeks back from holiday, work is full on and I got diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea a month back. Now I know why I fall asleep at 3pm meetings! The cure is almost worse than the problem - an uncomfortable mask and constant air pressure. I got less sleep the first few time I wore the mask because it was so painfully tight.
I got a different mask and things are better. Currently I am working on 8 Macbook Airs that a colleague gave me toi fix for him. I have two working so far, and maybe I will get another two up and running with a lot of part swapping. Not bad for a sleepy old man...

Image courtesy of "All Things Comedy"

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