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Time runs out!

Smash That Computer
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I had some great goals for November. A new project. Selling some laptops. Writing more of my e-book. (OK, starting it then!!!)....but time just ran out.
My other work got in the way. I prioritised other stuff. And all the other excuses.

Well, it's about to be December. I still have the laptops. I worked on adding to an old project, not starting a new one. Mt 2006 Mac Pro now has a 256Gb SSDD and runs Yosemite (10.10.5). I fitted a new graphics card - stolen from mt Lian Li project! It works great.

So, maybe I will feature this as a new project. Maybe not. Yes, I will sell the laptops. Probably. I might even get work done on my book. Time will run out, life continues and there will be another project. In fact, it's here - my wife and sons. It's more than a project, of course. But it will involve computers because my sons have each built their own with my help. My wife needs me to troubleshoot her work laptop. I kind of like them too.

See you in December!

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