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A laptop takes shape

Smash That Computer
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My new project is taking shape. I found a Mac Pro logic board in a box that was packed away and tested to see if it would run. A bit of cleaning up with Isopropyl Alcohol and away it went!
So far, so good. I then found a top case and installed the logic board, put in a Superdrive and then looked for all the screw sets. Everything is still in storage so it took me a lot of frustrating hours to find enough bits.
Today's job was getting a drive cable then trying out one of the 50 or so HDD's that I have. I found one with OSX on it (after 2 with Windows...) and tried to boot up.
A small issue arose - the trackpad would not function. A quick look showed a little corrosion around the socket so I will try some PCB cleaner later today and post back the results. Here is the main body of the Mac Pro:

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