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Return of the Mac Pro

Smash That Computer
Published by in Plug It In and watch it burn... ·
Another Mac Pro tower has appeared! I had high hopes for this one, as it was a 2008 3.1 model....but it just won't chime no matter what I try.
The RAM is ok and so is the Graphics Card. It even has a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module installed!

It goes on the internet for $1 reserve tomorrow.... :(

On the bright side, I have got another Macbook Air working reliably and that will go on auction tomorrow as well.

Well, yes. Not finished. Not even really started....a few photos, a cover design and a bit of content. The computer will be a thing of the past before I complete it!

So, encourage me. Tell me that you want to see it - even buy it - make extravagent promises! It will be worth it....I almost promise.

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