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Another Laptop to play with

Smash That Computer
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Hot on the heels of the last laptop project (still stalled, before you ask) comes another. This one is a 2012 15" Macbook Pro in near perfect cosmetic condition.
It was advertised as having a faulty logic board and I got it at a good price at auction (not helped by me accidently bidding myself up when I didn't need to).
First test, it chimed and started to boot, but as the seller had said, the screen froze part way through the process of booting. This suggested graphics being faulty.
But I had another logic board tucked away for this I was sure was working.
After install, I pressed the power button, hear the cd drive spin up and the fans turn and waited for the chime.

No chime. No video. No working logic board. I cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol. Nothing. Undeterred, I found ANOTHER logic board and installed that one. Nothing. No power, no fans, no good.

So, until I get another one of these with a damaged casing or screen, it remains a "project-in-waiting". I am already looking out for another one....

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