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FINALLY some action on the creative destruction front! I am sure that many of you go straight here, looking for some fun ideas and all you see is some weak graphics and a 5 year old iphone smash video.....that is about to change!
I have a long weekend holiday right now, with some free time to spend, so today I will be doing (and videoing) the HP monitor stress tests. DONE The clip will be up as soon as as I get it edited (and remember my YouTube password!)

With videos in mind, until I get my new one completed, here is the link to a classic that I always enjoy, even after seeing it 50 times and know what is coming. It's faked of course, but for the time it was well faked!

Hatchet man
YouTube clip
My iphone Smash video

I hope you are still enjoying this one. As you will see, there was very little acting needed to convincingly facilitate the destruction. I did have an anxious moment when I thought that I had used my good phone for the shoot though.....never keep TWO phones in opposite pockets!

Well, here it is. The HP monitor smash test video. It's even a little bit amusing in places (like the low quality acting, the pathetic "test" regime and the actual outcome. But it was fun to make...
Monitor smash
This could be me in just a few years, trying desperately to get people to look at my video clips by extreme testing.
Those iBooks were pretty solid - try doing this with a more modern Macbook that's an idea!
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