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Welcome to "The Project"!
Every month I will try to feature a new build, an upgrade or a special "Deconstruction" on this page. There will be photographs, some explanations, troubleshooting....whatever is interesting. I hope you enjoy it.
October: A Lian Li case arrives - I do my best to populate it!
I turn up at the Recycler's one day...and sitting outside in the "drop off your stuff" box is a PC case. As I get closer, I recognise the brand. It's an old (2004ish) Lian Li PC-V1000 case!

Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese computer case and accessories manufacturer. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium computer cases in Taiwan and is also a major world competitor in the premium aftermarket computer case industry

I have always wanted to own one of these premium cases. Time for a project! There were a few things to overcome before this could get used usefully again. The main one was that the special power supply bracket (note the power supply goes at the bottom of this case) required was missing from this case. It took a bit of measuring , some clear acrylic and a bit of workshop time to make another one that was up to the job. See the photos for details.

The second issue was...what do I put in it?
Lian Li case
Click on the photo circle on the left to see some images of the project. I freely admit to being negligent at cable management at this stage! This will be addressed when I manage to find a halfway decent graphics card to put in.

I found a suitable motherboard/CPU combination (Asus AM3 and Black Edition Quad Core AMD CPU), even found a backplate from my collection that fitted and 8Gb DDR3 RAM. A 1Tb HDD completed the collection and Windows 7 Pro was soon installed. The main lack at this stage is a Graphics Card.  

And here is the solution to the Graphics Card problem. An HD 5770 from my son's computer! Don't worry. He got a new card and I "asked" for the old one! It's better than the 1Gb DDR3 card that I put in the Lian Li...

UPDATE: The 5770 ended up in my 1.1 Mac Pro. The Lian Li has the old DDR3 card for now. Watch this space!
5770 graphics card
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