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Welcome to "The Project"!
Every now and then I will try to feature a new build, an upgrade or a special "Deconstruction" on this page. There will be photographs, some explanations, troubleshooting....whatever is interesting. I hope you enjoy it.
April: A Pile of Macbook Pro parts...what to do??

Out of the darkness they came, boxes and boxes of them. Disgorging their contents on to the pool table, they spread rapidly throughout the garage!
What could I do? There were just too many...

There was only one option - a PROJECT!

"Can these bones, er, Macbook Pro bodies live?" Watch closely over the next few weeks, months or more to FIND OUT.

See my Facebook page for more regular updates on this Project, but as of today (Dec 19th) many of these have now been SOLD and my table is clearing rapidly!
A stack of Mac
Check out the shots on the left to see some images of the project, even though some are somehow turned sideways!

Tentatively, I made a start to the pile and began to assemble two 15" Macbook Pros and some Macbook Airs. I needed more parts, so off to the internet I went to buy some.
Meantime, I had 3 older 13" Macs already assembled, with various problems. The first one went to auction so I could pay for some more parts.

I am now in the process of working through the Airs and have also got some more 15" Macbook Pro bits to fix up for the Recycler. 3 completed so far, and I got paid for those with.....yes....more parts!
This will take a sit back and see how I go. The aim is to raise cash to fund a home digital recording setup so that I can do a bit of music production. A lofty goal indeed...

Here is the projected process:
(1)Complete two 15" Macbook Pro laptops (2011 models) and sell
(2)Sell the last 2 13" Macbook Pro laptops with various issues (2009 models)
(3)Finish repairing two 11" Macbook Air laptops and sell
(4)Assemble all remaining pre-2010 laptops and sell off for parts
(5)Buy a well deserved cup of coffee
(6)Go hunting for my digital recorder and mics/DAW software/etc

UPDATE: I already got my coffee, bought the digital recorder and the mics.
I am eyeing up some software now, but have to sell some stuff first!
STARTING with this iconic Lampshade iMac! NOW SOLD...and number (4) on the list is now completed. Instead of buying software, I got a new Roland Kick Drum pedal.
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