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This site was created entirely with WEBSITE X5, a fully graphical website creator that requires no knowledge of HTML coding and is easy to fact you can get a perfectly acceptable site up and running in about 20 minutes! Okay, I took longer than that, mainly because I have edited my content extensively (yes, you should have seen it before!) and taken a number of photographs just for the site which I had to edit and take out the messy bits. It's inexpensive, updated regularly and my 12 year old son has used it to create his own gaming site! For me, the biggest plus is the built in FTP function (used to upload my site files to the web), which is incredibly easy to use.

Click on the banner below right to check out the Standard Version
and the link above left for the Professional Version!

Website X5 is a great tool to create professional, eye-catching and complete Websites, Blogs and on-line stores. No programming skills are required and you can use a simple fully-visual and intuitive interface that guarantees flexibility and customization.

With WebSite X5 you can create your website in just 5 easy steps:
(1).Choose between 1,500 different templates included in the program or create your own from scratch.
(2).Organize your website structure: your navigation menu will be created automatically according to the sitemap.
(3).Drag & Drop your content: add text, images, videos, a gallery, an e-mail form, widgets, etc.
(4).Customize your website: add a members' area, create a multi-language website, etc.
(5).Publish your website using the built-in FTP engine. It honestly is that easy to get a basic site up and running quickly!
WebSite X5 has everything you need: an image editor, templates and buttons; organize your website pages into levels and create the site map; a built-in search engine; FTP engine; etc. You do not need other software to activate advanced functions, to create an e-commerce system, to receive paypal payments, to create a Blog, to set the access management and page protection, to create a multi-language website or to add an advertising message.
Everything is ready for you to use and easily customizable in no time. If you're looking for some extra ideas for your website then WebSite X5 can help: browse through more than 6,000 exclusive and royalty-free photos, a library with various buttons and graphics, a gallery of ready-to-use widgets, and much more.

Quite simply, it works! And there's room for creativity...

Created with WebSite X5
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