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This site started over 10 years ago as a hobby, learning to construct a website and maybe making my fortune by selling an E-book or two on computer repair to millions....we all know where that went.

After throwing money after a number of so-called "internet marketing" systems, I discovered the secret to making money online - don't waste it on paying for other people's scams! After all, if their systems REALLY worked, they would be using them to get rich and not trying to sell them off to you, wouldn't they? I was a slow learner there for a few years.

The only place I actually made money was selling computers (Built up from parts that I scavenged) on online auction sites. In New Zealand we have TradeMe and there are plenty more internationally such as eBay. Over the years, the balance shifted and now I make more money by DISASSEMBLING computers and selling the parts online. It's still a hobby but I have provided my family with most of their household tech stuff with what I have made over the years by doing this.

Now, it's time for a change. My new artist site is being developed and should be up in about 4 weeks. Look for it.

New Zealand

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