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SmashThatComputer 2022
Published by Wayne in On my mind · 30 January 2024
This is fun! The site is up to 450 visitors a month now and no signs of slowing down. It'll all come to an end in mid March, however. Meantime, the details of my new band single are up on the "What's New" area. Buy it on Bandcamp and make me a star. The previous single is also doing pretty well on Spotify. Thank you, if you added it to your playlist.

Next up will be my new Art project. I have been working on some Woodblock prints over the last 2 months and I will show some shots of how these are coming along. I bought the Domain name for my new Artist site last week and hope to get some content up there soon.

But, yes, I still have some computer projects on the go. I am selling some DDR3 Desktop RAM online and a video card. Prices for RAM are definitely down from last year and it's coming close to the time when DDR3 RAM is not worth testing and selling - maybe by the end of the year? It's been a great run while it has lasted and I hope that some of you were able to make some cash by following my testing guide.

At this stage my plan is to use this site to redirect to my new site after mid March, until I finally close this down completely. You can have a say in this though - do I keep any of the content available for viewing after that? Drop me an email.


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