Old RAM losing it's appeal

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Old RAM losing it's appeal

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Published by Wayne in On my mind · 8 September 2023
Nothing lasts forever. Including, it seems, getting good money for (tested) DDR3 desktop RAM on auction sites. It's been a stalwart money earner for me over the last 5 years or so, including ECC server RAM that works in Mac Pro desktops. I recall when this happened to DDR2, so it's not a surprise, but I expected a year or two more before it changed.

It still sells but not for as much - not even close. This means that I will have to update my RAM page on the site to reflect the changes. DDR4 sells fine but I just don't get that much of it yet.
The Mac Pro situation is a bit more perplexing. There are MANY of these machines still used in recording studios. They can now be upgraded to Ventura (with a few issues) through Opencore but even that is not keeping them in favour with enough people. That's something else to change on the site.

Will I actually change it though? I have signalled that the site will cease to be when hosting runs out in April next year. Visitor numbers CLIMBED with that news! (see the previous Blog). What I WILL be adding to the site is a section on my family history (so relatives can find this information online more easily - prior to it all going on my new Artist site) and some examples of my artwork....again to prepare for the new site.

Computer related stuff? Maybe.....

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