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Up and running

SmashThatComputer 2022
Published by Wayne in On my mind · 13 April 2022
The fun continues. I finally got the links on the "RAM" section added in and you can look at some stuff there now. It takes such a long time to correct weird layouts and sizes though. I have just tested positive for Covid a few days ago, I am isolating at home, so this is giving me lots of time to get into updating the site, testing RAM and preparing photos for a whole new lot of online auctions.
I won't be shipping anything until I test negative though. Because I sold a lot of stuff over the past month, I bought some components to build up a new PC to replace my old and slow Intel i5 based computer. It's now up and running and I am slowly transferring my software over to it. It wasn't a straightforward build - in fact I think that I will include the story of how I put it together on this site, so you can read and learn! There is always something to learn about computer builds.

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