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SmashThatComputer 2022
Published by Wayne in On my mind · 20 March 2024
The site is dead, long live the site! SmashThatComputer is now officially over but a small remnant persists to lead you into the future.
Sounds like a Netflix show.
As I work on my new site ( I will try to also update this one with how it's going. My musical adventures will also get a mention and updates (Album in the works and a new single on the way).

Thanks again for looking at the site over the years and for the few people who also contacted me to give suggestions, etc. I read them all and even did some of the changes. is still a live email address for the moment, so feel free to get in touch.

I am still selling computer parts and making a bit of I am trying to afford new drum bits.
Stay tuned,


New Zealand
Laptop Frustration
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