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Isolation has it's benefits

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Published by in Digital Ramblings · 26 September 2020
Sometimes you don't see the benefits of something until you can look back at it some time down the line. I am well aware that the rest of the world is still hugely affected by lock down and the threat of Covid 19. I am grateful that I live where I do and that this is (mostly) under control here.
It helps you work out what your priorities are and what you should begin to leave behind. In my case, I am more convinced than ever that computer repair, construction and the like are slowly drifting in the wake of Covid 19 and I am looking forward to some better use of my creative skills in Music and Fine Arts.
It's been a great journey over the past 20 years or so and I will certainly be keeping some kind of aspect of computing going in my life, but this will occupy a lot less of my time. It's paid for my technology (audio and visual) and given me some great skills in problem solving and home repair (remember how you could heat the GPU of an iBook G3 to get it to "resolder" itself to the logic board using a tea candle?).
Maybe the "Gallery" page of my site will become....a Gallery?

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