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It's ironic

SmashThatComputer 2022
Published by Wayne in On my mind · 10 July 2023
This old site has had some reprieves over the years. Even now, it was only due to last until hosting ran out early next year, to be replaced by my Creative Arts site.
So what do I find? Site statistics show that last month was the most visited for several years. The same statistics suggest that THIS month will be even higher....why? I don't keep it updated. I promise more content then don't deliver. My featured projects have little to do with computers.

Surely this should mean less interest. Well, all that I can say is that it will STILL be gone next year, so make the most of it! My new Art site will be up and running and I don't want to be paying for hosting of two sites. I will be promoting my new site on this one, of course (as well as my other site at I mayeven put up a bit more content. The domain will be available to anyone that wants it as soon as that payment runs out - not sure when that is. Put in your requests if you want it!

Meantime, enjoy this actual new Blog entry!

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