Merry Christmas...and where was November?

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Merry Christmas...and where was November?

SmashThatComputer 2022
Published by Wayne in On my mind · 21 December 2022
This site survives another year....have a peace filled Christmas everyone. But....where was November? I just looked at my site stats for the first time in months and according to them, there were NO visitors to SmashThatComputer during the entire month of November!
I am sure that even I looked at it more than once. Did the hosting lose it? Or what? Anyway, people are looking at it again now, so best not to worry. Maybe you all gave up on me posting a new BLOG entry?

This is a  brief one but (as everywhere in the technology industry) changes are Winter. As I live in the Southern Hemisphere, we are actually entering Summer, but you get the idea. What was selling well in 2022 is now losing value. DDR3 RAM. My 2009 Mac Pro. Older Video cards. What will be next?

I have had a good run with this site and the hosting is paid up until 2024, so I guess it will will remain. The bits that are as yet to be updated, now need further updating! How about asking me for some specific content that I am not currently featuring? If I know anything about it I will put it up there. (even if I don't, I will add in some links to places that do). The Contact Form awaits....

Merry Christmas!

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