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No Fooling - It's April

SmashThatComputer 2022
Published by Wayne in On my mind · 1 April 2023
It's true. The ONLY project that I am currently engaged in is to create a motion sensor for my Roland Electronic Drums! Last week my auction for (most of) my computer parts closed. It started at $1 and ended at $40. Both buyer and seller were happy.

All I have left is some tested RAM, odd cables, an Intel desktop that I used to test RAM and a few scattered HDD's. It was time for a clearout. My supplier is not supplying anything currently. When I have sold off the RAM that I have left, he will get half of the cash but there is no guarantee that he will have more for me. The Smash part of my site has little left. It's been a great run for nearly 20 years.

The drum project is also nearly at an end. The small circuit that I am working on is wired up and operational. It needs some calibration. I printed an ABS case for it and that came out well (using files available online for such a project) and I bought a variable power supply. I resoldered a better end on it, as the original one didn't connect well.

So, where to next? I am gearing up to bring back my Art business, that has done very little since 2006. Global financial markets are not in an encouraging state for the sale of Art.....but I need to try and see how it goes. Just as computers have been a hobby for me, this will start the same way. Look for some examples in the "Project" section.

Any more computer work? Never say never.

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