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Still With Me?

SmashThatComputer 2022
Published by Wayne in On my mind · Saturday 06 Jul 2024
Tags: Barnett
Someone is still around to read this Blog. Maybe it's me....but who knows? In any case, here is another instalment. I still have a large number of viewers of the site and many of them look at this Blog. Why? It's not really that interesting.

Let me try to spice it up. Make your fortune selling computer parts taken from recycled machines! Oh wait, I did that already and "fortune" is perhaps not the right word. How about "some spending money"? That's a bit more accurate. I have passed the torch on for that one though. I AM still selling a small amount of stuff but prices are half what they were a year ago, so the effort isn't really worth it.

Try heading to and be inspired to do your own artwork. When I get the Shop part of the site up and running, you could buy some of my works. They might be worth a fortune after I am gone. To complete the works I have to make the time for them, so stuff like computers and this site will have to take more of a back seat.  This will also be competing with my work with the band "The Dawks" ( as we enter the studio in a few weeks to complete our first full album. Check out our progress on the site. Time for me now to watch the All Blacks play the English at rugby. Laters....

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