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The Project needs to come alive!

Smash That Computer
Published by in Digital Ramblings · 25 June 2020
The outside is almost complete. A few bits of trim and the roof flashings are all that is left to do.
It needs POWER.....electricity! It needs to come alive. This week I will update the photos on the site to show the progress I have made. Link to a video walkthrough perhaps?
To do it legally, of course, I will need to use an electrician. That's the problem. Nobody wants to quote for such a tiny job. Do I know any elecricians? Yes....but I have asked favors from them before and I am not sure if I can do it again.
I hope to have an update for you by next week.

...amd here it is! I asked a friend to help and he willo be doing the wiring in about a week's time. My son will also help me (he will be training to be an electrician next year and has experience in cable management, routing and drilling holes in the right places...).

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