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Pictured on the left is CARDRONA VALLEY LODGE.  This is a great place to start your outdoors adventure in the South  Island of New Zealand. Your hosts are Angelo and Steph. Angelo is an  outdoors guide, trained archer and a marvellous chef. Have a look at his  TV series "The Game Chef" by clicking the image on the right. Angelo  and his wonderful family are amazing hosts and I can personally vouch  for his cooking!  -  a favourite band of mine from California  -  my mentor: the guy who knows everything about computers  -  Owen's music site (great Mellotron player and composer)  -  Counselling resources and services in NZ - My NEW fan site for the band "Robert Vaughn & The Shadows" Who?? It's still under construction and will only increase in content over the next few months! - Leo and Anthony from "Robert Vaughn & The Shadows are releasing a new project soon. I will publish a link where you can check it our - meanwhile this is their FB site

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