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Smash it, before it smashes you!
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Smash That Computer
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Your assignment is due, but the computer won't boot up so you can't print it off. The email you worked on for two hours mysteriously "vanishes" moments before you are ready to send it. It seems to take hours to start your computer up, where once it took seconds. It scratches, destroys or chews up DVD's....or spits them out again without even playing them!

Strange screens pop up when you go on the internet...and when you try to close them they appear again moments later! You look at the monitor and it seems to leer back at you as if part of some secret conspiracy to frustrate and annoy you....and something deep inside you says..

Smash It!
Tempting though that is, in most cases the offending machine will either sit in the garage for months or be thrown out next time you are at the Dump.

This site is for you. It includes basic tutorials for finding the issue with your computer and fixing it. If that proves impossible, there will be some creative ideas for DESTROYING it...

Latest Updates
"SmashThatComputer" is coming to an end....what started as a fun way to learn about website design, then tried some Internet Marketing stuff, then became whatever it became; will soon be no more.
I can't keep up with having to add new content and do the other stuff I do - something has to go and it's NOT me! When the hosting is next up for renewal, it won't be renewed. I will be concentrating on my "Robert Vaughn & The Shadows" website, as well as a couple of other projects. I might get a life....

Thank you to all who liked the site, and the few who made comments. The companion Facebook page has already been deactivated...but nobody ever commented on that one, so you probably haven't noticed. Now you know.

New updates on my "Out Of The Shadows" website at   It features the San Diego based band "Robert Vaughn & The Shadows" from early beginnings to around 2002 - and what the members are up to now. NEW ALBUM OUT FROM TWO OF THE BAND MEMBERS - FEATURING VOCALS ON ONE TRACK FROM ROBERT VAUGHN!

RIP Tim Chandler: A wonderful bass player and great guy. We miss you...
New Blog Post   The Cleanup is under way!


My visitor counter reset itself back to zero at 3000. So, naturally, I uninstalled it!


There will also be some links to sites that I find interesting and useful for anyone wanting to solve a computer problem, as well as things of general interest (such as music, art and culture).   I'm not a professional technician. There will be disclaimers so you can't sue me.
And, if all else fails I can help you plan a wonderful, destructive day for you and your beloved.....machine.

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